Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Cliffs at Cullen

Nice day for a walk
I've lost Brint! Have you seen him?
Nice view

Earlier Today - Wheres Jasper?

Not Here!
There you are - in Mums bed!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Bronze Good Citizen

Just before Christmas Jasper and I took the Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen test and we PASSED!
Jasper and I says thanks to Lesley our Teacher and Alison our Examiner.
Now to start training for the Silver test.....!
The proof

Smug pug!

More Snow

Woke up this morning to over two foot of snow! It took Dad all morning to clear all around the house and best of all the schools were closed.
Me and Jasper had great fun in the snow, enough to go sledging in as well.

Can I eat it?

I'm so excited!
Lets play!

come on Mum - chase me!
snow is good fun!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Snow Pug

It was snowing her today, although it snowed all day there wasn't much on the ground well not enough to go sledging in anyway. We took the dogs on one of our local walks round the Dunny-Duff woods. The dogs had great fun they all love the snow!
All wrapped up!

A quick shake..
...clean my nose...

..and I'm off!

The sheps
wait for me!

See I can stand nicely - sometimes

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Cullen Beach

Mum took me and my friend Brogan and all the dogs to the beach today for a walk.
The plan was to get some photos of the dogs, when we got there, we found the battery flat on the camera, so had to make do with photos from my mobile instead.
The tide was quite high so the Shepherds spent most of the time in the water. Jasper on the other hand remained on dry land throughout, Jasper does not like getting wet, but he still , loves going to the beach!
Me and Brogan

Jasper doesn't do 'water' he just watches!

Sadie pup loves the water
Keira digs a hole (then Mum fell in it, hee hee)

Hey Jasper

Ready steady.....


is that a seal?
Nope, just Brint!

Brint has a drink!

3 shepherds and a pug!