Monday, 6 July 2009

A Weekend To Remember!

While Mum was competing at ACTS obedience show held at Hazelhead park in Aberdeen with Brint, at the weekend.
Sadie, Jasper, Morag and Me, were competing at Bon Accord Kennel Association open breed show held over in the other side of Aberdeen at Seaton Park on Sunday.

Mum and Brint won their Beginners class on Saturday and then came 2nd on Sunday.

Morag handled Sadie winning Best of Breed, Group 4, Puppy Group 3 and 2nd in A.V. Pastoral Yearling.

While Jasper and I got 1st Pug Yearling, 1st A.V Toy Yearling and won our Junior Handling class!

Definately a weekend to remember.


Pyatshaw said...

Well done to you and Jasper--he was looking good.

♥Mimi♥ said...

I love your GSDs. They have so little of the over-angulation we see here in the US. My poor dog, at five, is a mess in her hind end...sigh.