Saturday, 19 December 2009

A poem for my beloved Jasper xxx

A Pug Morning!

I woke up this morning
and what did I see?

A wrinkled up Pug face,
just staring at me!

He had big black eyes
and a short little nose.

Soft velvet ears folded up like a rose.

Just inches away,

he gave a big wheeze,

sucked in some air and
let out a giant sneeze.

A joy? A pleasure? A thrill?

It IS not!

To be waked in the morning
by a spray of Pug snot!!


Mogs said...

Awh that lovely!! XXXX

Reverend Awesome said...

Just came across your blog by the "go to next blog" feature. Jasper is a doll. I have a little pug too. A black one named Dink-E.

goodeda1122 said...
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